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Varsity Qualifying Time Standards

These are time standards which we believe many young middle school runners can achieve with an honest effort in their training and preparation…regardless of talent level. Coaches, please consider these guidelines when determining your Varsity runners:

Maximum 10 Athletes in Varsity Races provided they have all met the Individual Qualifying Standard for their division.

Individual Time Standards

Small School Girls – 14:15
Small School Boys – 13:00
Big School Girls – 13:15
Big School Boys – 12:15

Team Time Standards (Top 5 add-up times, Maximum 10 Athletes in Varsity Races)

Small School Girls – 71:15
Small School Boys – 65:00
Big School Girls – 66:15
Big School Boys – 61:15

Please Note:

In order for each race to have a more equitable start for all participating teams…
Teams may have a maximum of 3 athletes “on the line” at the start of each race! Remaining team members must line up BEHIND their teammates who are positioned on the start line!


  • You must be prepared with your school’s combined 7th and 8th grade enrollment on a day (of your choosing) between the opening and closing of this registration. You will be required to submit this number and place your teams in the appropriate School Size Division.
  • Please exercise care when typing athletes’ names, as all names on event merchandise will be printed from a registration download.
  • You are registering these kids for the event when you complete the process, not a particular race. We do not need to know which race the kids intend to run. So long as they line up and compete in the appropriate race, everyone’s happy. It is up to the coach, parent, and/or athlete to make sure they do this. We will just score the runner for whatever race the chip assigned to them crosses the line!
  • Event merchandise is not included in the price of registration. It will be for sale on event day.

**All entries must be completed online by 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 in order for athlete names to appear on event merchandise.


Registration “cut-off” is Wednesday, September 29th!  

**Entries will be accepted online until 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 29th, 2021**

No race day registrations or entries made by mail or phone will be accepted.

NO ENTRIES will be accepted after 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, September 29th! No exceptions!

Search to confirm your registrants!


Open (Junior Varsity) Individuals (Medals)
Top 25 Small School Girls / Top 25 Big School Girls / Top 25 Small School Boys / Top 25 Big School Boys

Varsity All-State Individuals (Medals)
Top 25 Small School Girls / Top 25 Big School Girls / Top 25 Small School Boys / Top 25 Big School Boys

Varsity Teams (Trophies)
Top 5 Small School Girls / Top 5 Big School Girls / Top 5 Small School Boys / Top 5 Big School Boys

*Seven Individual Trophies awarded to the Top 5 All-State Teams

All Awards -medals, trophies, and ribbons – created by A-1 Awards, 2500 N. Ritter, Indianapolis.

Travel Directions

Click on the link below, toggle down to the bottom of the page, and click on the Google Map link.

Travel Directions


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Souvenirs / Soft Goods / Photos

Official event t-shirts, etc. on sale race day and provided by T & T Sales and Promotions. Cash or checks accepted only.

Professional race photos (available on-line at by local professional sports photographers, Action Photos Indy.


Available for purchase courtesy of the LaVern Gibson Championship Course venue management.

Medical Support

Once again, this will be provided by Methodist Sports Medicine Center. Athletic trainers will be on-site near the finish line for any meet participants who need medical attention. For more information about Methodist Sports Medicine, please click on the logo below.

Methodist Sports Medicine

Event Sanctioning

This event is sanctioned by and insured by USA Track & Field.

USATF Sanctioned Event